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What is Counselling?

​There are many forms of counselling. I have chosen to specialise in the approach called person centred counselling. The essential belief is that everyone has the capacity to reach their potential, make changes and develop, but there are times when we may feel ‘lost’ or stuck in life. This may be related to issues from the past or present.  This form of counselling can  empower you to discover solutions to issues in a supportive environment

How I work 

I create the right environment first of all for you to feel safe.

I'll listen carefully, really attempt to understand what is going on.

I'll accept all of you regardless of beliefs.

I'll be open and honest with you.

Both of us exploring this together can bring insight to your situation and your feelings. This may lead you to feel you wish to make some changes.
For other people, simply seeing their life and themselves differently is enough. Sometimes the process of talking and being deeply heard is all that is needed and yet can be very powerful.


Counselling can feel daunting
Counselling can be a daunting process initially for some people. It may mean looking at areas in your life that have been troubling you, which is why our working relationship is very important. I hope to offer you a trusting and safe environment to explore this when ready. You may be unsure at the beginning quite what you need to explore, all of this can be worked out together in the counselling session.

Reasons for counselling
There are many reasons why someone may come to counselling. Some may be very clear what the issues are, but others may have a sense that something doesn’t feel quite right but don’t know why. They may be ‘stuck’ with life, troubled by the past, overwhelmed, angry all the time, feel they are struggling with life or suicidal.
Ultimately though, counselling should lead to a better understanding of ourselves which can lead to a fuller and more satisfying experience of life.

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